Terms & Conditions of Sale

By ordering from Crew Tags Int'l, LLC, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms of sale outlined on this page.

Please provide us with your e-mail address and phone number so that we may contact you if we have questions about your order.  It is our policy to print your tags as they were ordered, but occasionally we see obvious errors and would like to correct them.  We can only do that if you give us an e-mail address and phone number that is valid.

Please review your order confirmation e-mail carefully.  Your order can be corrected and/or canceled ONLY within the first 120-minutes after the order was placed.  Orders can be canceled during this time ONLY by replying to the email confirmation, or by calling 208-991-3179.  After that initial 120-minute period has expired, your order will be processed by our automated system and can no longer be canceled.
Please ensure that you have given us your correct postal shipping address.  We ship to PO Boxes and physical street addresses.  We do NOT ship to "General Delivery" addresses, or to the address of a hotel or motel that you may be a guest in.  If your order is returned to us we will notify you of its return and ask you to verify your shipping address.  If the address you gave us at the time of order is incorrect we will charge you for shipping in an amount equal to what was charged on your original order to resend your tags to you.
We will deliver your package to the chosen delivery service in a timely manner, and ship it at the rate you have selected and paid for. We do not offer refunds on shipping when the service provider fails to deliver at the designated time. If your delivery is time-sensitive, we STRONGLY advise you to choose FedEx as your shipping provider.
Crew Tags Int'l, LLC will NOT ship to Afghanistan, China, Colombia, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Syria, or any other country to which the United States has embargoed goods; or any organization or company on the United States Commerce Department's Denied Parties List.
Crew Tags does NOT, and can NOT, pay your Customs Duty.  Customs Duty is a tax that is charged by your local government.  We do not know how much that tax will be, or even if you will be taxed.  Because the United Kingdom requires us to pay those fees for you, we are currently unable to ship to the United Kingdom.    
Crew Tags Int'l, LLC will not knowingly sell its products to anyone for the purpose of misrepresenting themselves or attempting to identify themselves as someone, or something, that we know they are not.
"CREW" style tags are NOT valid as Airline Identification.  They are designed to keep a crew member's bag on the plane that they are flying.  Use of "CREW" style tags by anyone other than a crew member may actually cause your bag to be misrouted to another city.  We strongly advise you NOT to order a "CREW" style product if you are not a crew member.  We have numerous other products available for you to choose from.
From time to time our photographers get a better image than what we currently have in inventory.  While we always strive to keep the most current images on our website, occasionally an order arrives between the time the new image is added to inventory and the time that we have added the new image to our website.  It is our assumption that you want the best image that we have available on your tags, so it is our policy to use the new image on your tags, regardless of what you may have seen on our website.
Crew Tags® will replace our luggage tags within TWO (2) years of purchase, if defective.  There are no other warranties, and Crew Tags® disclaims all other liability.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a prompt exchange, or refund, for a period of up to 14 days from the date you received your order (based on tracking information).  If tracking information is not available for your order, we will accept exchanges and/or refunds for a period of 21 days after your order was shipped for orders shipped to addresses within the United States; or up to 60-days after your order was shipped for orders shipped outside the United States.  Request an RMA here.  Crew Tags does not pay for return shipping. 
If your payment is dishonored or returned for any reason, Crew Tags® will electronically debit your account for the amount of purchase plus a processing fee of $25.00 (or legal limit), plus any applicable sales tax.