Privacy Policy

Crew Tags® Int'l, LLC takes online privacy very seriously. We actively protect the privacy of users of the Crew Tags® Web sites.

Names & Email Addresses -- Crew Tags® holds the names and email addresses of our customers in the strictest confidence, and we will not disclose specific customer information under any circumstances unless we are required to do so by law.  Crew Tags® customer databases can be accessed by only a few select members of the Crew Tags® staff, and are well protected against theft, tampering, and misuse (electronic or otherwise).
Aggregate information about Crew Tags® customers (such as the total number of customers and/or country of origin) may be discussed in Crew Tags® publications, used to promote Crew Tags®, or disclosed to sponsors or advertisers.  No personally identifiable information is included in such releases.
In the event that Crew Tags® Int'l, LLC is acquired by another company it will be necessary for us to transfer your personal information to that company so that they may continue to service your warranty needs.  If such an offer were to be made, Crew Tags® would endeavor to ensure that the new owners have the same respect for your privacy that we do.
Uploaded Images -- If you upload an image to our web site for the purpose of creating your own luggage tag, that picture will be stored on our web server in a directory that is accessible to the public for a short period of time while your order is being processed. The location of that directory is not common knowledge, so it's unlikely that anyone other than the Crew Tags staff will see that image while it is stored on our server. But it is possible.  If you do not want your image stored in a public directory on our server while your order is being processed, please contact us and arrange to submit your photo via email.  
From time to time we also post our favorite uploads on Pinterest.  This is done anonymously and can never be traced back to you.  We never post photo's of people or faces on our Pinterest.  Only those photo's submitted via the upload link on the order page will be considered for Pinterest.  Photo's submitted via email will never be posted to Pinterest.
Purchases of Crew Tags® -- Orders for Crew Tags® merchandise are handled internally by Crew Tags® Int'l, LLC.  To process your order Crew Tags collects information including your name, postal address, and credit card number.  Use of that information is limited to processing your order, and any warranty claims that may arise from that order.
Security -- Crew Tags® has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and/or alteration of the information under our control. We have firewalls set up for both our Web Server and Internal Network.
Web Server Usage -- Crew Tags® records information about how people access our Web sites.  This information includes your IP address (or the DNS name associated with it) and what Web software you're using.  Unless your IP address or its DNS name identifies you specifically there's no way to use this connection information to identify a particular user.
Editorial Mail -- Email messages sent to Crew Tags® public addresses are considered public statements and become the property of Crew Tags® Int'l, LLC.  Unless noted otherwise in the message itself, Crew Tags may publish such messages in whole or in part on Crew Tags® Web sites and/or in Crew Tags® publications.  Crew Tags® will generally try to contact correspondents before any such publication, but makes no guarantee to do so.  Crew Tags® will honor any request not to publish a message, or not to publish the correspondent's name or email address.
Surveys -- Crew Tags® may ask readers and/or Web site users to participate in surveys.  In all cases, participation will be voluntary.  If a survey asks for personal information, answering those questions will be optional. Any personal information collected as part of a survey will be treated as outlined above.
External Links -- Crew Tags® Web sites and publications may contain links to other network sites.  Crew Tags® cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations or the content of external Web sites.
Cookies -- A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive.  A cookie can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites.  Cookies perform important functions within our web site such as storing data in your shopping cart.  Our cookies do not reveal any of your personal information to us, or anyone else.  To ensure that your visit with us is as enjoyable as possible we ask that you please surf our web site with your cookies turned on.  That's the default setting for most browsers, so if you don't know what we are talking about then chances are that your cookies are already on.
Partner Web Sites -- Partner web site information is created and maintained by a third party.  Crew Tags® does not endorse or control, cannot guarantee, and is not responsible in any way for the general content, privacy policy, accuracy, timeliness, or even the continued availability or existence of this outside information.