Luggage Tags


These Wedding Luggage Tags make a great gift for any newlywed.  You can give these to the bride and groom to be used on their new adventure together.

Want something a little more special for a destination wedding, place tags for the wedding party that your guests can keep and use, or even "save the date" notifications, contact us and we will be more than happy to design one for you at no extra charge.

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Save The Date Luggage Tags
Personalized Save the Date Wedding Luggage Tags..
Wedding Bouquet Luggage Tags
Wedding Bouquet Personalized Luggage Tags..
Wedding Gown and Tuxedo Luggage Tags
Personalized Tuxedo and Wedding Gown Luggage Tags..
Wedding Ring Luggage Tags
Personalized Wedding Ring Luggage Tags..
Customer Testimonials


A family member experienced a serious case of taxi motion sickness on the way to an island airport. The pilot of our flight did not want to risk any possibility of having to divert the flight to an unscheduled airport due to possible continued illness. We were told to deplane. Because of our shih tzu Crew Tags, our luggage was quickly located and returned to us. Sad but true story.

How many Luggage Tags do I need?

Over the years we've encouraged everyone to buy two tags for every bag they own. But a close friend of ours, with nearly 20 years of airline experience, recently informed us that THREE tags per bag is your new goal.

Our friend tells us that the handles of your suitcase are often the first to go. And when they do, your Luggage Tag is going to go with it. So she recommends...

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