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If you are in the Law Enforcement field, you know that all of the black tactical bags look the same. Try out some of our specialty Crew Tags for you to mark your stuff so that it makes it easier for you to find what you need quickly.


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Handcuff And Key Luggage Tag
Handcuff And Key Luggage Tag with up to 5 lines of personalized text printed on the reverse side...
Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for the replacement.

Your prompt response and willingness to accommodate your customer has impressed me. In turn I will continue to endorse your product to my fellow Crew members and be sure to tell them about the customer service I received from you.

Mark Gerczak
How many Luggage Tags do I need?

Over the years we've encouraged everyone to buy two tags for every bag they own. But a close friend of ours, with nearly 20 years of airline experience, recently informed us that THREE tags per bag is your new goal.

Our friend tells us that the handles of your suitcase are often the first to go. And when they do, your Luggage Tag is going to go with it. So she recommends...

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