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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Take one of these Delta Style Luggage Tags with you on your next trip! We can print just about anything you want on up to five lines of black text on a beautiful sky background.


Don't need 5 lines? Don't worry, we will automatically center the text for you if you don't use them all.

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Delta B767-432 Luggage Tags
Delta B767-432 Luggage Tags with up to 5 lines of text on a sky background...
Customer Testimonials

Excellent Luggage Tags

I purchased 6 personalized luggage tags in Dec 2010. Since then, my wife and I have traveled quite a bit mostly to see our children and grandchildren. The tags have held up great! They make it real easy to identify our luggage, and have been commented on a number of times by others interested in getting them! I am used to tags getting beat up, crunched, torn etc. But these are still in the same shape they were when we got them.

Jack Cameron
How many Luggage Tags do I need?

Over the years we've encouraged everyone to buy two tags for every bag they own. But a close friend of ours, with nearly 20 years of airline experience, recently informed us that THREE tags per bag is your new goal.

Our friend tells us that the handles of your suitcase are often the first to go. And when they do, your Luggage Tag is going to go with it. So she recommends...

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