Torture Test


Tortured Crew Tag®
These Crew Tags® sure are cute, but how do I know that they will survive the tortures of my airlines bag smashers union?
We put our Crew Tags® to tests far worse than they will ever experience on a day to day basis.
We tried scraping the ink off with a razor blade.  No Joy.
We tried cutting the card in half with a razor blade.  Still No Joy.
We folded the card in half 30 or 40 times, all we got was a crease. When we folded the card along the razor score mark, the card did break, but only along the length of the score mark.  No farther.
So we set fire to it.  These darn things are actually fire resistant.  They only burn while in contact with direct flame.  Remove the flame and the fire goes out.
So we took it out back and shot it.  Crew Tags® are NOT bullet proof.  In fact, it got blown into so many tiny little pieces that we had to start all over just so we'd have something to photograph for this page.
Still not convinced?  We back all our Crew Tags® with a TWO (2) YEAR Unconditional Warranty.