Luggage Tags
Luggage Tags

Crew Tags® manufactures brightly colored, personalized luggage tags to help you spot your bag on the carousel more easily.

We have more than 2,000 options to make your luggage stand out, to help prevent thievery, or loss, and to avoid filling out those silly paper luggage tags at the airport.

The TSA requires you to place luggage tags that contain your name and phone number on all of your bags, including your carry-on bag. They also recommend that you place a luggage tag on the INSIDE of each of your bags as well.

Airlines are now losing the bags of more than 80,000 people worldwide EVERY DAY! If you're bags are lost, and odds are they will be sooner or later, will they know how to find their way back to you?

Luggage Tags by Crew Tags - Over 1,000 Luggage Tags Available

Customer Testimonials

Not just for luggage

I keep one in my wallet. Consider you are in an accident and unconscious. EMS, hospital, etc are looking for your name, contact information, etc. I use high visibility tag (yellow) with info on both sides. First line is : EMERGENCY CONTACT. My name, wife's name, home phone, cell phone, wife's cell phone, address. You might even put your blood type and medications and medical conditions on it. Every motorcyclist should have one of these.

How many Luggage Tags do I need?

Over the years we've encouraged everyone to buy two tags for every bag they own. But a close friend of ours, with nearly 20 years of airline experience, recently informed us that THREE tags per bag is your new goal.

Our friend tells us that the handles of your suitcase are often the first to go. And when they do, your Luggage Tag is going to go with it. So she recommends...

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